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Bidar-Gulbarga Road, Nowbad, Bidar.
The College of Ayurved has all the mandatory infrastructure facilities as specified in the norms of CCIM. The college boasts of a herbal garden having more than 285 medicinal plants species with over 1100 samples. Few endangered herbal species are seen here. States of art equipments are installed in our pharmacy to manufacture variety of classical Ayurvedic preparations. The college library has ample space. It has a huge reading hall & a well furnished section containing more than 20,567 volumes on Ayurvedic and allied medicines. The college owns Ayurvedic Hospital with 236-bed strength. Our OPD & IPD attract a huge number of patients, facilitating our students to get better clinical exposure. An abundant area (90,242 Sq.Ft.) of college building is segmented in well ventilated Classrooms, spacious Departments with equipped laboratories, NSS room, Store, student support cell, Ladies room, Boy’s room, Sports room, Conference hall, Administrative office, Examination section & Principal’s cabin. Campus amenities include a lavish auditorium, huge sports ground and excellent gymnasium.

Herbal Garden
The College boasts of a well - planned herbal garden that includes several extinct and rare species of flora. Total no. of species are more than 285 including rare species whereas total no. of medicinal plants are more than 1100. The students are motivated to take benefit of this garden to identify the species and to understand the morphological characterization of medicinal plants. UG and PG students from different college/ institutes, school students and common people visit herbal garden for identification of various plants on regular basis. Some of the plant products are also used for day to day preparation of herbal medicine. Pharmacy
• In house pharmacy unit in the college is taking shape by way of manufacturing more than 120 most commonly used medicines using various machineries.
• Specialized dosage forms of minerals and metals such as "Bhasma", "Rasasindoor", and “Rasapottali" are manufactured in the department according to traditional methods.
• Analytical laboratory is attached to this unit. It is equipped with basic & advanced analytical instruments for standardization of raw materials & finished products.
• These standardized finished products are supplied to hospital as per requirement.

College functions through 14 departments, where every department is a self-reliant unit, they work in harmony among themselves, to fulfill the commitment of dynamic development of student. These are listed below:

* Department of Samhita and Siddhant, Rachana Sharir, Kriya Sharir, Dravya Guna, Rasa Shastra avum Bhaishajya Kalpana, Roga Nidan Avum Vikriti Vigyan, Swasthvritta & Yoga

* Department of Prasuti Tantra avum Stri Roga, Kaumarabhritya (Bala Roga), Kayachikitsa, Shalya, Shalakya, Panchakarma, Agadtantra avum Vidhi Vaidyak

The College houses a well-equipped and spacious library. Students make the best use of the library facilities to fulfill their academic and research requirements. The books range from thousands of years old classics up to latest editions of modern medical volumes. Peer reviewed journals & standard periodicals are obtained and added to the previous collection. Dissertations of PG students and thesis of Ph.D. holders are maintained properly for the reference of new researchers. The silent and peaceful atmosphere of the library ensures a studious ambiance.

Library Services
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• OPAC – Online Public Access Catalogue, Lending of books , Open Access System, Book bank.
• E-resources – CDs/DVDs, Audio – Video cassettes, TV & VCR , Computer & printing
• Internet browsing, Display of current events/information
• Inter-library Loan, Clipping, User orientation/ information literacy,
• Xerox facility , Online journals under INFLIBNET
* Working hours: 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. *
• Time Extended during exams.
• Total number of books in library: 10,800